Stevan V. Nikolic

Writer in New York

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Stevan V. Nikolic grew up in Belgrade, Serbia, and moved to New York in 1987. He wrote nine narrative nonfiction books on various esoteric teachings before turning to fiction. Stevan’s debut novel Weekend in Faro, the first in the Michael Nicolau Series, was published in 2014. Truth According to Michael is the second book in the same series. The follow-up, The Diary of the New York Baker, is due out March 2017. His books have been translated into several languages and published worldwide.

Royal Art (2006),

The Peace of the Rose (2007),

Astrology (2010),

Alchemy (2010),

Kabbalah (2010),

Ancient Mysteries (2011),

Freemasonry in Serbia (2011),

On the Square (2013).

Weekend In Faro (2014)

Truth According To Michael (2016)

The New Alchemy (2016)

The Diary of the New York Baker (2017)