GOGAB 4 Jean&Steve

Liverpool, England, Great Britain, Europe, Earth

IPCC Complaint Against PC Hackett (Unlawful Threat's, Misfeasance + Malfeasance) Following False Statement By Rebecca Harrison (Neighbour Who's Sister Is A Cop, Brother Is A Solicitor!) Said That I Made Threat's To Shoot Her & Her Dog! Her Dad (Rob) Made Statement, Similar To Mine! That "These Dogs Have Been Shot At" Ref To Jeans 'Petting Dogs' [Jean Is Challenged By Paralysis] These Dogs Were Shot At By Rebecca Harrison! MERSEYSIDE POLICE INCL: CHIEF CONSTABLE'S X3, MPA, IPCC, HMIC, ACPO, PCC etc. ARE AWARE OF THESE FACTS! INSTEAD OF SORTING AT TIME (FEB 2009) CHOOSE INSTEAD TO 'SUMO' (SHUT UP & MOVE ON!) CONTINUING A CAMPAIGN OF ABUSE AGAINST US USING TECHNIQUES AS USED AGAINST THE HILLSBOROUGH VICTIM'S AND FAMILIES FOR OVER 23 YEARS, WHICH INCLUDE: ABUSE OF PUBLIC OFFICE, VEXATIOUS COURT CASES, ASSAULT, INTIMIDATION, UNLAWFUL: ARREST, DETAINMENT, EVICTION, HARASSMENT, TORTURE (HRA 1998 THE ACT), INTERFERING WITH: LAWFUL PROTECTION (ART.3), RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL (ART.6), AND OUR RIGHT TO PRIVATE AND FAMILY LIFE (ART.8). D.JUDGE ABELSON MOCKED MY WORK WITH HHJUDGE DENIS CLARK IN 2002 + RUDELY SHOUTED AT ME IN LIVERPOOL MAGISTRATES COURT IN JUNE 2010, KNOWING THE CASE WAS FRAUDULENT "TAKE THIS TO THE CROWN (ON APPEAL) AND I WILL PERSONALLY SEE TO IT THAT YOU GO TO PRISON FOR 5 YEARS, DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?" MY REPLY "YES", AS JEAN WAS CRYING, HE TURNED TO HER + SHOUTED "SHUT UP CRYING AND GET OUT OF MY COURT!" (I Did Take It To The Crown And He'd Seen To It There Too, The Case Is Now On Appeal To The CCRC who say there's no urgency?) Judge+Jury Agreed With The Queen+Me-v-Sir N Bettison(CCMP)+Bad Cops In 1994. Some Bad Police Now Using Weightmans LLP (Defend Alleged Rogue Police + Other's) To Get An Injunction Via Arena Housing To Allow Them + Other's To Barge In To This House, 'Our Final Refuge', 'At Will!' + Evict Us All! As Done At Jeans Bungalow - PC Webb & 2 Others Burst Into Her Bedroom, Sprayed Us Both With CS Gas, Jean Palylised In Bed + Choking. Then Locked her + Pet's Up For 3 Weeks, Me For 3 Days! GOOD COPS Now "Speak Out, Up Loud!" 'SOUL'

  • Work
  • Education
    • G.O. G.A.B. Ltd (Globally Organising Good After Bullying)
    • Counselling, Listening Skills Assist Those Going Through Bullying
    • City and Guilds in Seafaring
    • SOGA-Sale Of Goods Act
    • Negotiating Skills and Training at all Levels