Steve Ekstrom is an up-and-coming writer in his mid-thirties residing in Tampa, Florida. He received his Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature with a minor in Creative Writing from Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. In 2001, Ekstrom was the recipient of an Academy of American Poets Award for his acheivments as a poet. Over the past several years, Ekstrom's work has been published by 803 Studios, Desperado Publishing/ Image Comics, Zuda/ DC Comics, Tin Star Studios and Top Shelf Productions.

Ekstrom's first story, BREAKFAST, has been published three times since his debut in 2008--including his mainstream industry introduction in 2008 in Negative Burn #20 from Desperado Publishing. His second major project, THE ARES IMPERATIVE, was featured during the July 2009 competition on DC Comics' Zuda webcomics site. His first short screenplay, BOUQUET, was produced by DripsBlack in the summer of 2010. Later in 2010, his newest short comic, HAUNTED, was featured on Top Shelf Productions' webcomic site, Top Shelf 2.0

Currently, Steve is working on two creator-owned comic book series, two OGN projects, a short romance comic for Skipper Martin's Bizarre New World web-anthology and a short Western comic for Image Comics' Outlaw Territory Volume 3.

(His writing samples are available upon request.)