Steve Sagarra

Freelance Writer in St. Louis, Missouri

Freelance writer, journalist and historian with an extensive background in general assignment writing, historical research, journalism, politics and public policy. With degrees in history from the University of Missouri, I have contributed to several encyclopedic projects, scholarly journals and websites. As a former editorial writer/opinion columnist for a community newspaper, I have written on topics ranging from socio-economic issues, local and national politics and international relations, and also have reported on the political scene throughout the St. Louis region. Additionally, my short story fiction and poetry has appeared in various online and print magazines. Likewise, I have self-published my personal narrative, Echoes From An Unexamined Life, as well as assorted genre fiction novellas. Over the years, I also have held a colorful variety of jobs, including archeology technician, bartender, delivery driver, dishwasher and substitute teacher.