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Previous owner of gasoline retail sites in Highland Beach, Florida

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Retired but far from idle, Steve Buchanan is a professional whose career in auto mechanics and performance diagnostics has transitioned into a passion for working with mechanical vehicles. His practical, solution-focused mindset continues to drive his interests and activities in retirement.

Steve's professional journey includes a notable chapter as the producer and host of "Mr. Mechanic," a celebrated radio show in Omaha. Airing on News Radio 1110 KFAB-AM, this program was distinguished as the longest-running local show in the city. From its inception in 1988, he spent more than a quarter-century addressing diverse listener queries on car maintenance and repairs every Saturday morning. The show also featured two guest hosts who managed his Service Centers and the car expert, Dr. Mark Grabow, enhancing its informational reach.

Beyond the broadcasting studio, Buchanan is recognized for his entrepreneurial success. He built a comprehensive business that includes fuel services, auto mechanics, and a convenience store. His prowess as an auto mechanic and diagnostician is matched by his abilities as a pilot and boat captain, demonstrating a broad skill set in multiple transportation domains.

In his time, he continues to indulge in engine diagnostics and repairs, maintaining his connection to his lifelong craft. His enthusiasm extends to other mechanical modes of transport, such as speed boats and airplanes, with a particular fondness for the thrill of high-speed travel. Additionally, he cherishes his beachside living, combining his love for mechanics with the serenity of the seaside.

Buchanan's life story is rooted in the Midwest. Born in Sioux City, Iowa, he later made Omaha his home for many years. In his retirement years, he has settled in South Florida, where he enjoys the company of family and friends, embracing a relaxed, sun-kissed lifestyle.

Throughout his life, Steve Buchanan has been deeply involved in community organizations with a focus on healthcare services. In Omaha, he dedicated time and resources to the local Children's Hospital, which offers a wide range of medical services in Greater Omaha. His commitment also extended to the local Omaha branch of the Nebraska Humane Society, which provides education and sanctuary for animals. Continuing his philanthropic spirit in Florida, he supports the Mayo Clinic, a globally recognized health system based in Rochester, Minnesota.