Steve Donohue Tattoos

Steve Donohue is a tattoo artist hailing from Bradford, Yorkshire .... starting from a early age as an illustrator of birthday cards for none other than "Hallmark Cards", he soon realised his talents where wasted and took a course in art at St Martins University (London).

After many experiments at parties, Steve discovered he had a taste or even a desire for drawing on people's skins.

Quote "drawings look better on skin, than on paper"

After the course Steve became more and more interested in the art of tattooing and worked in many tattoo shops picking up skills and tricks on the way.

Eventually after many years, Steve decided to go solo and start working out of house until eventually now has set up above the Cat & Mutton Public house in Broadway Market, Hackney sharing his floor premises with KennaLand.

If you're interested in get something done or just simply looking over Steve's drawings, please get in touch [email protected] or call + 44 (0) 79591 541 750