Steven Holcomb

Whenever Steven Holcomb's name is brought up the thought of a dedicated athlete with great sportsmanship comes to mind. There has never been a time when Steven has let a crippling disease hinder him from accomplishing anything that he wanted to do.

And when it comes to bobsledding, he continues to showcase his talents through hard work and perseverance.

Steven Holcomb was diagnosed with keratoconus is 2001. Karatoconus is a degenerative eye disease that changes the shape of the cornea, causing the sight to blur more and more over time.

As Holcomb's vision became worse, He never once stopped racing. During his struggle with his eye sight, continued to climb the winner's circle; placing 14th in the 2006 Winter Olympics, which was a two-man competition.

Not letting that stop him he was able to reach 6th in the four-man competition. Still not finding the satisfaction he was looking for, her ended up winning the two-man World Cup Title in 2007.

Amazingly during Holcomb's racing he mostly raced by feel and not by sight. Knowing his craft so well allowed him to navigate through with great results.

No longer being able to rely on his eye sight, Steven Holcomb decided to have surgery which was experimental. During the 2008 surgery corrective lenses were places behind his irises.

After Holcomb's 20 minute surgery, Holcomb's led his team to numerous different victories. 2 Bronze, 3 silvers and 2 Gold medals were won and he also led his team to the first World Championship in the four man bobsled, for which no other team had obtained such winnings since 1959.

Before the bobsledding, Holcomb served as a Utah National Guard. He served the army for seven years. After working as a soldier, Holcomb eventually became a Combat Engineer.

During his service he earned 7 awards and participated in the Army World Class Athlete Program. After receiving an honorable discharge, Holcomb began his bobsledding journey.

Even after everything that Holcomb's has accomplished he continues to flourish and grow when it comes to his education. He currently is attending DeVry and plans to graduate with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.