Steven Odzer

CEO at YBT Industries in New York

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Steven Odzer, a seasoned entrepreneur, serves as the CEO of YBT Industries, located in Cedarhurst, New York. With over three decades of experience in distribution and shipping, he has achieved remarkable success in his field. As a CEO, Odzer prioritizes efficient strategies, actively mentors his team, fosters a thriving company culture, and continuously pursues knowledge to optimize performance and drive profits.

Aside from his professional endeavors, Steven takes immense pride in his role as a father to seven children and a grandfather to nine grandchildren. This has instilled in him the values of patience and compassion, which he brings to the forefront of his business practices. His family-centric vision extends to his approach in giving back to the community. Additionally, Odzer is a staunch advocate for empowering individuals with disabilities, providing them with opportunities for independence and confidence through employment.

Recognizing the significance of a well-crafted business strategy, Odzer emphasizes that a company's long-term survival hinges on its strategic approach. Understanding the challenges faced by first-time CEOs, he advises them to avoid overwhelming themselves by attempting to accomplish everything at once. Instead, he stresses the importance of clarity regarding personal priorities and aligning available resources with strategic goals. Implementing a methodical and progressive approach enables CEOs to propel their companies forward.

In line with this philosophy, Steven offers six key tips for new CEOs to develop their business strategies:

Clearly define your vision.

Cultivate a deep understanding of your competitive advantage.

Identify production targets to guide operations.

Focus on simplified and systematic growth.

Maintain a holistic perspective of the company's trajectory.

Engage and ensure the contentment of your team.

As a conductor of a symphony, Odzer advises new CEOs to resist the urge to delve deeply into operational details. Instead, he encourages CEOs to empower their teams and allow them to excel in their respective roles while overseeing the overall operations.

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