Steven Odzer

CEO at YBT Industries in New York

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At the forefront of YBT Industries in Cedarhurst, New York, stands its CEO, Steven Odzer. With a career spanning over three decades in the realms of distribution and shipping, he has cemented his status as an expert in the field. His tenure as CEO is marked by a commitment to effective strategy, proactive mentoring, fostering a positive company culture, and a dedication to lifelong learning, all aimed at maximizing both performance and profitability.

Odzer's personal life as a father of seven and grandfather of nine greatly influences his professional demeanor. He embodies patience and compassion, qualities he brings to his leadership style. His family-oriented approach extends to his business ethics, notably in his dedication to community service and his strong advocacy for hiring individuals with disabilities, promoting their independence and confidence.

Discussing business strategy, he recognizes the challenges faced by new CEOs, emphasizing the need for a thoughtful approach rather than an overly aggressive one. He advises on several critical elements of effective business strategy: clarity of vision, understanding competitive strengths, setting clear production goals, focusing on straightforward and systematic growth, maintaining a broad perspective, and keeping the team engaged and satisfied.

Odzer likens a CEO's role to that of an orchestra conductor, guiding and harmonizing efforts rather than getting involved in the minutiae. His guidance for new CEOs includes resisting the urge to micromanage and instead focusing on overall direction and team empowerment.

In the realm of mentoring, he places high importance on the role of a CEO as a chief mentor. He advocates for regular, meaningful mentoring sessions, fostering open and honest relationships with the executive team, educating them on the company's goals, and providing necessary resources and transparency. He encourages reciprocal communication and aligning team performance with the company's objectives.

Steven Odzer also emphasizes the importance of acknowledging and rewarding exceptional performance, creating a space for team members to contribute ideas and voice concerns. He values structured and respectful meetings, always aiming for a productive outcome with a clear action plan.

His leadership style is a blend of strategic business acumen, a commitment to mentoring, and a deep-rooted belief in family values and social responsibility, making him a distinctive leader in the corporate landscape.

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