Steven Fisher

Arlington VA

If someone asked me to describe myself, I would say I am... a Creative Leader a Seasoned Entrepreneur a Sci-Fi Filmmaker a Soon to be Published Author a Product Strategist a Experience Designer a Productivity Hacker a Budding Craft Beer Maker a Coffee, Chocolate and Cheese Lover a Hot Yoga Teacher a Slow Runner a Fast Eater and I'd like to believe, an Innovation Rebel. Oh yeah and I'm Kinda Funny.** I have 18 years experience in product management and marketing, experience design and digital strategy. I feel strongly that my background as an entrepreneur and filmmaker along with working for large corporations, has given me some unique insight into what businesses need to do in order to stay innovative, entrepreneurial and fiscally fit. I believe that having a rebellious and innovative spirit is one of the paths to enlightenment. So is consuming chocolate and peanut butter - at the same time. I speak and write on the future of work and everything that intersects with it (e.g. entrepreneurship, coworking, leadership, productivity, social business, innovation) and I am working on my first book "The Startup Economy” with co-author Ja-Nae’ Duane, due out in early 2014. Others might know me as the co-creator and producer of “Browncoats: Redemption”, a Joss Whedon Firefly/Serenity film for charity. This completely crowdsourced production recruited 160 people in 200 roles to create a feature length film that raised over $100,000 for five charities. When I have slivers of free time I like to fly and successfully land airplanes, play awesomely loud guitar and classical piano risking the ears of everyone around me, create mushroom clouds with my cooking experiments, travel to exotic places that may require State Department permission and take pictures of anything that will stand still to capture this journey we call life. ** An

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