Indianapolis, IN

Steven is one of those freaky people that is both left-brain and right-brain. With degrees in both Finance from the Kelley School of Business and Fine Arts from the Herron School of Art & Design, he can diversify your portfolio then draw a wicked awesome picture on it. He can create a million dollar business plan and fold it into the most graceful origami swan ever seen. It’s unbelievable.

Currently, he is the Creative Director at Fat Atom, located in Carmel, Indiana. As Creative Director, Steven’s responsibility is to develop brand strategies and direct creative for companies in order to make their products and services seem more desirable than a tropical island vacation getaway with the world’s sexiest supermodel.

Outside of his role as Creative Director, Steven is a hip-hop connoisseur who enjoys arts and design, car karaoke, doing the dougie, eating copious amounts of cheese, and working out to burn off all the calories consumed from eating all the copious amounts of cheese. Steven also spends his time as an advocate and volunteer for the American Diabetes Association.

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