Steve Papadimos

Toledo, OH

Steve Papadimos, a longtime resident of Toledo, Ohio, completed his undergraduate education at the University of Toledo. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in History magna cum laude and garnered departmental honors, placement on the dean’s list, and an Andrew Townsend Scholarship. Subsequently, Steve Papadimos attended the University of Toledo’s College of Law, from which he earned his Juris Doctor. During the course of his formal education, Steve Papadimos maintained membership in numerous associations and organizations, including the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society, the American Society for Industrial Security, and the American Bar Association. With more than three decades of professional legal experience, Steve Papadimos serves the Toledo area with his tenured proficiency in law through his position as Chief of the Civil Division of the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office. Through his work with the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office, Steve Papadimos provides individuals with the insights needed to accurately handle issues pertaining to public law. Steve Papadimos also benefits his community by facilitating the management and leadership of the Senior Protection Unit, a division of the Lucas County Prosecutor’s Office that investigates and addresses crimes against elderly residents. Currently licensed to practice law in the state of Ohio, Steve Papadimos has earned numerous awards for his high levels of dedication and innovation. These awards include the Outstanding Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Award from the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association in 1992 and the Lucas County Employee of the Year Award in 1996.