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Steve Rene

Global Entertainment PR in Los Angeles, California

Steve Rene

Global Entertainment PR in Los Angeles, California

EVERY day is a NEW day to start sharing TRUTH - SR 2014


CEO - EBusinessPRofessionals /

GOOD PR for Noah Russell CROWE - Lincoln SPIELBERG and GRAVITY Bullock / CLOONEY.

GOOD PR for 2.5 MEN -- NASA BigBangTHEORY - BreakingBAD PLUS

GOOD PR for Katy / Carrie / Carly / Miley / Britney / Jlo PLUS many more artists!

1984-2012 : Vice President of American Music and Video Corp / /

Steve has always been involved in the promotion, sales distribution and marketing of conventional "brick n mortar" to high tech digital products. Multiple small businesses have increased from as little as $5-10K to more than $75-250K weekly / monthly utilizing his online marketing ideas / techniques. In addition to his work in the MUSIC industry, he has also worked as an on air personality in RADIO and TV, along with Time-Warner television in production and broadcast booth direction.

The following provides just a few of STEVE's IDEAS:

2002-2003: EBay - Buy It Now - Pay Immediately was sent to Meg Whitman due to high volume of final value fee refunds costing EBay $10,000's monthly. Idea launched within 14 days of this meeting.

2004-2005: BofA - Hackers were stealing from online banking customers. MY SITE KEY: 2nd LAYER SECURITY RECOMMENDATION HAS SAVED THEM MILLIONS.

2006-2007: Consulted with online auction company went #2 to EbaY in 90 days passing Overstock and Yahoo Auctions. Achieved in less than 90 days.


2009: NEW USF Masters Degree University Training Program developed around my online instruction.
2010: NEW Twitter ADTweets implemented within 30 days of this Idea
Startup/Early Stage Company advisor focusing on launching and funding early-stage org's or companies. Facebook New "PROMOTE" Link added within 30 days of recommendation.

Mobile Contact:
Online Marketing PR
Min $250 to START.

Social Media Marketing / Online Classified Ad Marketing / Small Business Public Relations / Search Engine / Non-PPC Marketing / Blog Marketing / Email Marketing / Text / Voice Message Broadcasting / Telemarketing / Sales / Marketing SEO / Lead Generation / Super Bowl Business / Radio/ Print/ TV Ads.

Keywords: Oscar / Emmy / Grammy / Film / TV / Music / Internet Marketing.

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