Steve Scholey

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Project Manager in Leeds, United Kingdom

Steve Scholey

Small Business Owner, Consultant, and Project Manager in Leeds, United Kingdom

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I try to avoid labels and try not to be run-of-the-mill.

I work with businesses of all sizes with all sorts of challenges, such as:
• you’re not getting the results you know you’re really capable of
• you’re team aren’t performing to the level you’d expect
• you’re working too hard, spending too long or just not having enough fun at work

I like to work with smart people working in challenging roles. The sort of people who lead their own business, are senior executives or who lead demanding projects or initiatives. People who are looking for better results.

What do I do?
To improve results you need to improve the system, to improve the system you need to improve your thinking. I’ll help you focus on three key areas: Thinking Skills, People Skills, Process skills

My background is in business, psychology and systems thinking and I have a tool bag bulging with dozens of useful tools and techniques. But don’t worry my guiding principles are simplicity and practicality.

I’ll help you strip your business back to the basics to get a clear view of how your work works, the issues that are present AND the thinking that created those issues. Only then can we decide the best way to address them.

How do I work?
I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Depending on what you need I can work with the whole business, a single team or a single individual. I can deliver one-off consulting assignments, one-to-one or team coaching or in-house training.

Ask yourself...
• What if you could tap into the unused skills and enthusiasm of yourself & your team?
• What if running your business was relaxed and fun again?
• What if...?

If you would like to work with someone who can help you cut through the complexities, get clarity on the issues and help you deliver lasting change quickly give me a call.

We usually start with a chat over coffee – Do you like me? Do I like you? Is what I do a good fit for you at this time? No selling, no pressure, just insightful questions and good advice.