Steve Thorne

Cary, North Carolina, United States

Mortgage Lender serving all of North Carolina. I specialize in residential mortgage loans, focusing on two areas... folks who DON't HAVE 30% down payment, and folks who might need someone to help them take advantage of the First Time Home Buyer Programs available in NC.

Some of our clients take advantage of:

USDA Home Loan NC /100% loan for more rural areas

FHA mortgage loans /3.5% down payment that can come from a GIFT or a GRANT

VA loan / great 100% loan for Veterans

Mortgage Programs For folks with Deferred Student Loans!

We offer Mortgage Tax Credits for First Time Home Buyers

FREE Grants of up to 3% for ALL Mortgage Programs - No need to be a First Time Buyer!

I understand how hard the last couple of years have been - and I WORK HARD to help people make the turn for their family so that they can own a home in NC. The good news is that waiting periods to buy a house is not that long! Credit Score Help!

We offer GREAT mortgage rates and all of the programs available to help you buy a home in NC! Please call me at919-649-5058


The views expressed on this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Equity Resources. Not all programs will work for all clients. NMLS #60596

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    • Named Best Mortgage Lender in NC (twice)