Steve Wandler

Founder in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

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Co-Founder of FreshGrade. An Edtech startup that makes it possible to capture, organize and share learning between teachers, students and parents.

Founded, the #1 ranked Online Tech Support company in North America beating out Best Buy's Geek Squad which lead to the acquisition to

In 2008 Steve Wandler founded metabridge - Returning to Canada from the Bay Area after the acquisition of YourTechOnline to, Steve saw the need to create an opportunity for intimate collisions and a way for startup entrepreneurs across Canada to start meaningful conversations with advisors, mentors and likeminded peers in the Bay Area. metabridge was conceived to allow just that - deeper relationships by spending quality time in casual surroundings with influential Silicon Valley venture capital, entrepreneurs and executives.

Since its inception metabridge has evolved from a single-day 30 person event to a sold out, two day retreat in Kelowna, British Columbia with programs and events in Las Vegas, Austin, San Francisco and Kelowna.

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