Nemanja Stijak

Senior Developer and Software Engineer in Belgrade, Serbia

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Born in Banja Luka, living in Belgrade now. Following my childhood dreams about science and technology I studied physics. I am early adopter and love to be where the interesting things happen - and technology is what shapes our future the most.

And the world of tomorrow is the world of software. We already have smart phones, but soon we will have smart cars, smart houses and software will be part of our everyday life even more then we could possibly imagine. That will provide us with new opportunity for even more creative ideas of new ways to interact with the world around us. Cars which will know to drive itself and preheat for us if it is cold outside. Fridges which will keep record of food inside and remind us to throw out spoiled food. Houses which will save energy by turning heating and lights out when not needed.

That is why I took interest in Software development as a career choice. Presently most of my interest lie in professional Java and Android app development, but I am taking wide approach and improving my skills in other areas as well.

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