Stone Bryson

Writer in Missouri

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Hello everyone - I'm Stone Bryson. Once known in many on-line circles for writing lyrical verse, I have expanded my scope to include a myriad of subjects. They include micro-blogging news-related items via Twitter, focusing on Tabletan (the spiritual practice which I founded), learning to 'be' in the moment at hand.

#Hashtagging -- I spend nearly all of my on-line time on Twitter, and as such I pretty much live by the hashtag. My primary place is #AnalogLife, where I love discussion on enjoying a more non-digital existence, but there are a few others I use regularly. They include #WxTrack (keeping an eye on the skies, with weather reports and chatter), #PrepperTalk (a community of knowledgeable preppers), #2A (guns, and the absolute right to own and carry them), and #MissouriProud (all things related to my native homeland). Feel free to join me on any of these threads.

Personal Tidbits -- I am an avid reader and amateur weather enthusiast, a material minimalist and short-term prepper who embraces the 'analog' whenever possible. I also enjoy studying alternative theories in the historical, scientific, and political realms.

More -- Directly below are links to my endeavors, including my erratic, at-times engaging Twitter feed. Explore them as you desire.