Stone Cruz

Artist, Musician, and Producer in Manhattan, New York

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Born in New York City, Stone Cruz was definitely the enigma among his peers. It wasn't until Stone lost his uncle and father figure "Joseph Hunter" that he realized that music was a perfect escape and becoming an artist was his destiny.

Stone began crafting his rhymes any and everywhere he went. Taking his musical inspirations from artists such as Joe Budden, Big Pun, Nas and many more to create his unique sound. Being a fan of music all around and becoming a fan of genres from Hip-Hop & R&B to Alternative Rock & Country is what gives Stone his great variation in his music from project to project.

Over the years of working, Stone has been able to expand his following by performing at venues throughout Minnesota, New York, New Jersey, and South Dakota. Performing in multiple open mics, showcases, talent shows, and even an MMG showcase.

Since the start of his career Stone Cruz has released 2 EPs gaining attention from all over the country and overseas. Its been 2 years since a full project from Cruz and even a year since hes given a verse due to him adjusting to fatherhood. As of 2016 Stone is currently working on a series of projects that he's entitled "Project Reboot" which he plans on releasing throughout 2016.

"Who is Stone Cruz? Stone Cruz is Harlem, music, truth, love, hate, expression, and real but most of all Stone Cruz in itself means in a nutshell stand tall and firm and dont allow yourself to lose what makes you who you are."- Stone Cruz

  • Education
    • McNally Smith College of Music