Stress Management

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An online mindfulness-based stress management course. The course lasts 8 weeks, requires only half an hour of your time each day, and features audio guided lessons from Alexandra Redmond, who is described as having a very soothing voice.

The course has been developed to introduce you to some simple practices that can help you to become more aware of, and reduce your stress levels with some key practices to help you to induce a relaxed state in your physical body. The course will also include some introductory practices on how to understand, accept and alter your habitual thought and behaviour patterns, enabling you to create a more positive state of mind.

Stress is on the rise, more people each year are reporting stress as being a problem in their life: effecting their work, home life and health. Our bodies are not designed to cope with long term exposure to the chemicals our bodies produce when we are under any form of stress. In our modern world the external stimuli we are subjected to, on an almost constant basis, means that our bodies remain in an alert state much more than we used to encounter in the past, and it becomes much more difficult for our bodies to return to a relaxed state.

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