Stuart Schonwetter

Recruiter, Small Business Owner, and Father in Los Angeles, California

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On the face of it, Stuart Schonwetter, President and Broker at RE/MAX Grand Central, HomeLoan Financial and Market Street Escrow could not be more conventional. Having cut his teeth in the real estate sector way back in 1980's, he has amassed well over two decades of experience in the industry.

But Stuart's philosophy is far from conventional. Today, he has a reputation for creative thinking and his approach to problem solving has often been cited by colleagues and clients as a key strength. In such a sober and conservative field, Stuart is a breath of fresh air.

"Real Estate is the Best Investment that there has ever been, end of story."

A real estate class ignited a passion for helping people to fulfil their dreams of home ownership and building wealth for their families. Stuart joined a real estate firm, and his passion for helping clients and fellow agents was growing into an unstoppable force.

As president of Market Street Escrow, Stuart ensures that the latest technological tools are available to assist escrow officers achieve their goals and these include state of the art software and online reporting. Clients benefit from the finest escrow staff in the business, being not only high tech but friendly and professional.

As the President of RE/MAX Grand Central, Stuart is very aware of the importance of nurturing the talented people on his team. Encouraging education and training, office seminars, as well as RE/MAX University, Stuart has put together has the most accomplished training in the industry. Each individual is encouraged to fulfill their professional potential through personal support based on their own particular needs and strengths.

This recognition of individual needs is also evident in Stuart's leadership of HomeLoan Financial. As a leading lender Stuart keeps himself up to date with all the lending programs on the market and expects that every member of his experienced lending team are committed to providing the best service and one in which the loan closely suits the needs of the client. As a leader and mentor, Stuart strives to encompass his philosophy and lead his team to achieve their full potential through growth not fear.

Lastly, Stuart is a family man with two young children. He throws himself into their extracurricular and school activities with great enthusiasm.

Stuart loves to talk about Real Estate, Loans and Escrow so give him a call.

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