Stuart Edeal

Solutions Architect and Salesforce MVP in Saint Paul, Minnesota

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I have been a technology leader for over 20 years and enjoy building solutions and discovering tools and processes for working more efficiently and effectively. In 2009, I was introduced to and since have obtained 17 certifications and several years of experience integrating and customizing Salesforce implementations. In 2017, I was selected by Salesforce as a Salesforce MVP. I have been also recognized as a Lightning Champion for my work in helping evangelize and teach others about the best practices with the Salesforce Lightning Experience.

I am actively involved in Salesforce community groups and speak publicly about Technology, Leadership, Strategy, Innovation, Problem Solving, Business Analysis, Design Thinking and Project Management. I have been active in the Trailhead4All initiative and regularly volunteers at local schools to help kids understand STEM. I also am a part of the GifSquad, who are a group of Salesforce Admins who are driven to give back to our communities.

I currently serve as Senior Consultant at Demand Chain, am a co-leader for the Twin Cities Salesforce User Community, and am on the Advisory boards for both the Academy of IT at Humboldt High School and the Tech and Continuing Education Committee at the Saint Paul School District.

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