Student Support Centre

Many children in school can go through a period where they struggle with a particular subject or concept, despite the best efforts of their teachers. For smart children who usually tend to excel, such struggles can be embarrassing for them or frustrating to deal with. Parents often want to help their children when they hit such snags, but can often be hindered by their lack of experience in teaching or the simple fact that they are not entirely sure what their children are studying in school. The Student Support Centre understands these obstacles and the effects they can have on a child’s on-going attitude towards education. That is why they developed their ‘simply’ programmes, a flexible set of educational tools designed to help parents and children learn together at home.

The ‘simply’ programmes help children build a strong foundation in subjects like English, reading, and maths. They do this through a series of ten to twenty minute lessons that can be completed at whatever pace a parent and child decide, usually during two sessions of thirty minutes per week. The lessons are fully aligned with the National Curriculum requirements, meaning they help children stay on pace with what they are being taught in the classroom. They provide a virtual teacher so that children can watch a lesson repeatedly to ensure comprehension and parents can work through lessons themselves so that they are ready to assist their child if there are any questions about the night’s homework.

The Student Support Centre programmes are like having an additional teacher on-hand to explain and re-explain a school subject until a child fully understands it. It is also flexible in order to fit with family life. Parents can choose to use the programme lessons at any time that is convenient and at any pace they feel is appropriate for their child. This convenience is one of the features that differentiates the ‘simply’ programmes from other out of school educational products, such as tutors and learning centres. While such assistance can be helpful, they don’t leave much room for parental involvement and can also be hard to fit into busy family life. The Student Support Centre provides solutions to parents that are cost-effective and work within the needs of a busy family so that parents can help their children excel.