StuFF mc

Swift Developer in Cologne, Germany

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Hi! You might know me for running SwiftConf, as well as being a Cocoa Dev, with Apps listed below. For some, I'm the one who once had a podcast about .

Father of 2 sweet daughters & 2 awesome sons, having the best mother on earth (which I'm with since 1999).

I've been involved in helping #refugees in their long trip in direction to Germany since October 2015.

I was born in Belgium. My mother tongue is french but also speaks Dutch. My blood is from Spain, so I speak spanish. Live in lovely Germany since 2003, so I speak German. Kind of like Italy, must learn italian. Oh and since I now have many arabic-speaking friends, I decided I was gonna learn arabic starting this October 2016.

  • Education
    • Degree in Computer Sciences (1997)