Subrahmanya S M

android developer in Udupi, India

I'm an enthusiastic Android Developer with 5yr + experience, passionately curious, enthusiastic about new technologies in this rapidly changing open source Android ecosystem, keen follower of Indian startups.

I'm currently working as a freelancer, seeking for a new remote Android developer opportunity that will allow me to further expand on these skills with latest Android best practices and build next generation apps with better UX, performance with Material Design.

I've also been actively involved in the open source Android communities with sharing/learning knowledge on new stuffs, I do attend a lot of seminars, meetups like GDG, DevFest, Droidcon, Appfest whenever it's possible, am also an active member of the GDGBlrdroid Group where we can share and learn knowledge on new stuffs, giving tech talk on new APIs.

In my free time I like reading technical blog posts, trying out new open source projects, APIs and learning all new Android APIs, architectures, Testing and UX as much as possible. I do spend some time rooting, installing new custom ROMs for helping my friends to get the latest OS updates and attending nearby yoga meditation camps.

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