Sudhamshu Hebbar

Working as a software developer is my day job. I work with a software firm in Chennai, India which goes by the name Manufacturing Logistics Control. Designing and developing applications for organisations is what we do here. I am also a man with quite a few hobbies. I enjoy doing Photography. Even though, I don't intend to take it up as a (part-time) profession, I provide my services to those that require it. Writing is another hobby that I pursue with passion. If my photographs cannot express themselves, my words assist them. I dislike the idea of sticking to one style. If at one time I'm dabbling with poetry, in others I tend to incline towards humour and philosophical writing. As part of NaNoWriMo '09 I wrote my first novel "Everything Has A Purpose", which I (self) published as an e-book. I am also fascinated by Astronomy. It is a hobby which I hope to pursue with more discipline in the future.