Sudip Bhandari

Student, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Bengaluru, India

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I am a software Engineer working for Cleartrip in Bangalore India. I am BE graduate in Computer Science and Engineering (2016) and currently am pursuing Machine learning nano degree in udacity. I have worked previously at a ML based startup building products based around computer vision and face recognition. Currently focused on software development, my long term career goal is to move into research in the field of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Music is one of my hobbies and I play guitar/harmonica (self taught). I have a youtube channel where I upload guitar-harmonica adapted covers of my favorite songs as well as my compositions. I even offer guitar lessons around Bangalore.

I view technology as an enabler to make our lives better. I spend my time around programming, playing music and travelling.

I love programming. I love C. I love UNIX philosophy.

One thing at a time, simplicity, elegance and efficiency.

  • Education
    • Sona College of Technology