Sue Stinson

Turnersville, New Jersey

I am a middle school Family & Consumer Science educator who loves how technology and basic life skills are connected in all areas. I love to study the affects of technology on the cultural aspects of our lives, but I try to make sure it is balanced.

Understanding where we are an how we got here is so important, so view my background photo; this is what the founders of New Jersey (West Jersey at the time) had to navigate. This is the Pine Barrens - a national treasure.

This represents me as everyday as I travel to the Long Beach Island area to teach I get to rejunvenate near Batsto, a center of industry in the 1800's. On the weekends I get to relax while kayaking the streams in the most amazing cedar water, enjoying nature without the distractions of the 21st Century World.

My goal is a balanced life, juggling the hats I've chosen to wear: teacher, mother, girl scout leader, FCCLA adviser, wife, daughter and students. By constantly learning, I continue to thrive, enjoying the world we have been given.

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  • Work
    • Southern Regional Middle School, Manahawkin, NJ
  • Education
    • Richard Stockton College
    • Holy Family University
    • Drexel University