Suhit Kelkar

Journalist and Writer in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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In my poetry chapbook 'The Centaur Chronicles' (Hawakal Publishers, India), a half-human, half-horse creature known as the centaur speaks about being mocked, excluded from society and discriminated against. The centaur is found not only but mostly in Greek mythology. My book updates the mytholgical figure of the centaur for current times. Get the book at the link above.

A blurb for my book by a famous writer:

"Suhit Kelkar’s 'The Centaur Chronicles' announces an assured new voice in our midst. At once humorous and grave, sensuous and philosophical, this slim collection takes us on a sure footed voyage from the mythic to the present moment in its exploration of difference. Eloquent at all times; it is, at times, heart stopping in beauty of thought and expression"

Priya Sarukkai Chabria

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