Sumit Charles

A creative architect, product marketer and an entrepreneur with commercial expertise in emerging technologies. Founder of a passionate creative agency, an animation and motion graphics studio, a gaming portal and a mood and ambience based restaurant search engine.

When he isn’t creating or breaking something, he enjoys reading, listening to music, and daydreaming about going on a long vacation! With an extensive professional experience in various creative and technical fields, Sumit serves as the glue to the yin and yang of the design and development process. He oversees the processes that keep the company running strong and works with the clients to ensure that they have a positive experience working with Firstbase.

• Branding Strategy, Brand Communication
• Advertising, New Product Identity
• Improving process workflow and communication
• Art Direction
• Hi-lo fidelity prototyping for concept products & services
• Interactive communications
• Unified communications plan & program development