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Vietnam government issued Visa on Arrival services for Canadian travelers who want to get Vietnam visa for Canadian in the convenience way.

Canadian tourists no longer spend much more time to get in line, wait for application, sent the original passport to Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in their own countries. Also, with the reasonable price, the easy applying, the on time approval letter sending, Vietnam Visa On Arrival online has been getting the trust of foreign tourists. Canadians travelers can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival Canada online quickly wherever connects the Internet, 3G Mobile or Wireless. Especially, travelers no need to send their original passport to anywhere.

Though this kind of visa includes flexible process, Canadian visitors should take note some things:

• A website which applicants apply to get Vietnam visa on arrival must be the legal company. This company has a specific address, phone number. The information, content in website usually has always been updated. Applicants can send any question to the site to get more detail information and to have assurance. If the reply email has accurate and explicit content, correct grammar, this website is reliable to get a Vietnam visa on arrival.

• The passport of Applicants must be valid at least in 6 months.

• Applicants should check the countries where they want to entry visas are exempt for their nationality. If the applicant is in the list, apply for a visa on arrival online, the company will refund the payment.

Applicants have to define the Arrival and Exit date.

Note: Applicants should prepare their visa upon 48 hours before arriving at the departing point.

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