Sunjoy KRG

Top-100 Social Media Marketing Pro in New Delhi, India

+India's Top💯 Content & Brand Custodians.

+CMO Asia's Most Influential Content Marketing Pro.

+First Prize for Twitter content by Maruti-Alto Cars.

Social Media Community & Content Custodian.

Summarily, I'm a startups-lover, awards-winning social-media guy, experienced sales & business-development pro. with global exposure - available for an opportunity.

I'm open to an opportunity to represent your brand/ venture in India & neighboring countries/ North India/ Delhi-NCR.

I like to follow and post about startups, problem-solving, disruption, electric vehicles, sustainability, motivation, wellness and spirituality - have 33,000+ global followers on Twitter + Instagram + LinkedIn + FB.

I'm capable & ready to be the face of your venture/ brand in the online & offline communities, at the events & meetings - representing, advocating, engaging and delivering value at all channels.

I'm ready to 'live and grow' your brand; creating business-plans, content, events having value for your target-audience which in turn will build up brand's authority & loyalty. Loyal audience/ customers become your community and all brands need these communities to thrive on and be successful.

I'm a Self-starter, Quick-learner, Multi-lingual Expert-explainer, influencer, motivator, negotiator!

You can click the button above to hire me. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

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