Sunstreak Systems

Small Business Owner in Stockholm, Sweden

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Sunstreak Systems invents new geographic information systems and apps for the end consumer market. All apps are using inhouse developed smart and battery efficient location technology to power the,, and apps together with own innovative geographic information cache technology - Geolocal. This technology works by rapidly replacing the cache contents over time with more locally relevant geographic information. is a technology startup accepting money for equity from investors.

Apps Design Philosophy
When you are not actively using our apps, the iPhone or Android mobile operating system moves them to the background state. The background state is just a brief stop on the way to the iPhone or Android apps being suspended. Operating apps this way is improving battery life while it also allows the iPhone or Android phone operating system to devote important mobile system resources to other things. By operating in the background and using the minimal alert, geographic location and communications service apps ensure minimal impact on battery life and network use while maintaining efficient tracking of geographic location. In addition, Geolocal cache technology allows the iPhone or Android apps to keep operating normally even without network availability.

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