philippe Lambert Smooth One

Paris (France)

Smooth One comes from the abstract hip-hop scene. He wrote with Dj cam
the two first album in 1996 and 1998, « underground vibes » and « substance »
( inflamable/ Sonymusic).
After a live album recorded in « transmusicales » festival in Rennes ( « underground live act » inflamable/sonymusic) and many remix for Air, Tek9, Silent Poets, etc…Smooth One decided to work alone, mainly on film music.and managing his own label , Superflux.
Superflux published the original soundtrack from « new York zéro zéro »
( Superflux/ Believe) and « Amsterdam reconstruction » about rechstaat museum , films from the photographer jérome Schlomoff, and the soundtrack from « Exit port St Louis » from Catherine Hebert, wich came out under the tile « Exit remix » with remix from laurent Ho, Elektrokut and junior Cony.( Superflux/Believe).
His recent album ( superflux/anticraft) "Industrial welfare" is a box with cd, photos and dvd.

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