Michael Ward

About Biotin: Grow a Healthy Appearance with One Simple Supplement

Hair, skin and Nails. Each serves two purposes. First, they protect vulnerable body areas. Nails protect the fingertips; the skin is the primary defensive barrier between internal organs and the world's bacteria and viruses, and hair helps regulate body temperature. Their secondary functions are cosmetic. Well groomed skin, hair and nails communicate disciplined care to others in the work world and play a role in relationship building by enhancing one's attractiveness to others. Beyond appearance, healthy nails and hair are signs of a healthy body. When people notice dry skin and thinning hair they'll try topical nail treatments, hair thickening shampoos and skin creams. Unfortunately, these treatments are mostly cosmetic and temporary. When hair and nail problems persist, it is time to consider making dietary changes by adding Biotin known to support hair, skin and nail growth. Biotin may be the answer.Biotin, or Cis-hexahydro-2-oxo-1H-theno[3,4-d]-imidazole-4-valeric Acid, is a B vitamin said to support skin, hair, and nail growth, and may also ease diabetic nerve pain. Whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread, eggs, salmon and chicken all have Biotin, but most dietary Biotin attaches itself to proteins. This protein binding interferes with Biotin absorption and, coupled with rapid weight loss, pregnancy and prolonged antibiotic therapy, can result in a Biotin deficiency. There are lab tests that measure Biotin levels, but most doctors rely on visible signs and symptoms to diagnose Biotin deficiencies. Symptoms can include:RashesFine and brittle hairBaldnessFungal infectionsLethargyAnorexiaMild depressionBiotin is water-soluble (not stored in fat) and must be taken regularly to bestow its greatest benefits. No recommended daily allowance (RDA) exists, but doses of 5,000 mg are not unusual and are considered safe. Since water-soluble vitamins leave the body, the potential for toxicity is low.Beautiful hair, skin and nails reflect a healthy body, fueled by good eating habits and the right natural supplements. To see how Biotin works, create an experiment. Follow the bo