Teacher, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Bardhaman, India

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Surojit Dutta is Founder of and Blog. A Blog where I mostly talk about Blogging Technics And Digital Marketing Technology News, Website Tricks & Tips, Seo, And Online Money Making Technics & Tips More.

My another site is QAns. This website is Questions And Answer based website. This website is just similar to Quora. Here is another great thing is that Guest Posting. If you want to know something then you can submit a question here. Otherwise, you can help other by giving other's answer. You can also post an article as a guest author. This website is really helpful for a blogger who wants to increase their website score.

I am a part time Blogger. I Started Blogging From 2012. Actually Blogging is my hobby, I like to share my knowledge among people (Though I have a small knowledge) who love blogging and want to it. I visit many websites regularly and Collect knowledge like to review on the different product.

I Continuously Keeps Upgrading My Skills So That I Can Benefit Businesses And Websites Around The Globe.