Susan Dalton

Social Media Manager, Designer, and Consultant in Memphis, Tennessee

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I'm silly and serious; I wonder and I wish. I like capturing candid moments on camera and scribbling down revelations. I think deeply and act swiftly. My attention to detail is both a strength and weakness.

Conversation and connection make life worth living. I want to help create a better world, a place where humanity can complement nature’s beauty.

I studied Communication because of its overarching role in every aspect of our lives. I have integrated this knowledge into my personal and professional life.

I thrive on new ideas, and aim to create, connect and engage. I can help bring your vision a voice and connect it to the right ears and eyes. I like to discover, curate and share content to inform, engage and encourage audiences.

I am a content creator and digital strategist. My specialties include copy writing, social media management, content curation, photo and video creation, graphic and web design. I have more experience than can fit in this box. I would love to connect to share more. Let’s see what great things we can do together!

  • Education
    • University of Memphis
    • White Station High School