Susan Billingsley

Things I love: Pinterest, Use Home Remedies, Pottery Barn, Country Sampler Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Blogging, DIY channel, HGTV, coffee, food, shopping, getting organized and of course my family! My favorite crafting tools are my Cricut and my embroidery/sewing machine. My favorite seasons are spring and fall.

15 things that I want to enjoy in my lifetime as a reminder to be aware of my health..

My bucket list….

1. I want to grow old with my hubby.

2. See my children grown and married with their own children.

3. Go to New England, especially during the fall.

4. Take my kids, and myself :), to Disney World.

5. Make a quilt, actually finish the 2 that I have started for my boys. From their baby clothes.

6. Channel my inner Martha Stewart! Oh how I dream of being that crafty!!

7. Visit the Amish country in Pennsylvania.....I am so intrigued by them.

8. Go to Hawaii.

9. Learn not to be so hard on myself.

10. Enjoy life to the fullest.

11. Knit a sweater.

12. Learn to meditate.

13. Finally get skinny and stay skinny.

14. Build the garden of my dreams.

15. To die without any regrets....but given my personality this will be hard, unless I complete number 9.