Susannah Melone

New York, New York

...Melone, who has performed this piece at other historical sites since 2002, easily embodies Annie's quiet strength, and she looks every inch the Civil War Belle...and [with] Melone’s excellent performance...Guzzy brings all to a satisfying, and extremely moving, conclusion. - (Color of War)

...only Ms. Melone hits the right notes — .When she talks, you hear how dry the air must be, how long she has been railing against fate, and for how long she has gone unheard. -- The New York Sun (Ipheghenia Crash Land Falls...)

…Susannah Melone gives airheadedness an addled dignity as Dot… -- The Boston Phoenix (Mac Wellman’s 7 Blow****). Director Darren Evans gets over the top performances…Susannah Melone in secretarial overdrive... Wellman’s 7 Blow****)

The plan ultimately backfires, but Melone is absolutely giddy in the moment, and at last we see Phaedra as a vulnerable and helpless lover, rather than a despotic bitch using love as an excuse. – New Theater Corps (Phaedra by Matthew Maguire)

Malcolm (Erin Boyle), Macduff (Rachel Scott), and Ross (Susannah Melone) revived any flagging interest by beautifully conveying sense, meaning, and power when Macduff learned of his family's fate…. As the murderers, Reff and Melone were simpleminded yet chilling… --OOBR “Off-Off Broadway Review” (MacBeth at Expanded Arts)

If you have not yet had an emotional reaction to a theatrical production in Berkshire County this summer, You must see a performance of “the Color of War”… Annie, brilliantly portrayed by Susannah Melone…fleshes out the courtship, marriage and anxious waiting period of news from the front… Ms. Melone gets across all the nuances of Annie’s character that we feel we know this young woman thoroughly, despite her reticence.... There is a complete suspension of disbelief. – The Berkshire Eagle (The Color of War)

And NOW come see Gilding the Lily, Written and Performed by Susannah Melone. An official bestseller in the 2014 United Solo Festival! Oct. 16, NYC