Susanne Diehm


Offering Creative Writing Workshops and Sessions for people interested in Art Therapy (mainly writing) for Flow and Balance. My qualifications: Master's degree Biographical & Creative Writing, Art & Creativity- plus Integrated-Learning-Therapist Certificates. I am an author and I help others to become an author - or just to write for the fun of it. Producing instant poetry can improve your health: Creative Writing and BodymindART teach you happyness and the power of resistance. Find out more about The Sudijumi Writing Experience in workshops and individual coaching:

I am offering Writing Events in the 20ties Style and other special Creative Writing Events in my Salon Anna Blume. If you are interested in team events for 6-8 persons, get in touch! Also, we rent the room to authors for readings of their books/ Lesungen in

Looking forward to hearing from YOU! Interested in Exchange with writing professionals in California