Susanne Peltonen Stormling

Entrepreneur in Stockholm, Sverige

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I was born in Stockholm, grew up in Viksjö, Järfälla northen part of Stockholm. But i am originally from Storvreten in Botkyrka, we moved from there when i was 10 years old. Today i live in Stockholm.

I hold a Bachelor degree of social science (behavioural science) major in education from Stockholm university. I´ve also studied anatomy, sports medicine at Umeå university and english at USIU in San Diego, USA.

I am an international online entrepreneur, former sport teacher for 7 years and group fitness instructor for 15 years. I had 1-3 classes a week, i taught for instance at the World Class chain from late 1995 to 2000. From 2004-08 i had classes at Eriksson, Swedbank, St. Görans hospital, The Swedish tax agency, The Swedish Parliament and the Government offices of Sweden etc. From 2008-10 i taught classes at Solna Wellness center. I am done with the fitness industry efter 15 years. These days i am more into yoga and meditation. I´ll eventuallly teach yoga internationally.

I speak swedish, finnish, english and some spanish. I have worked and lived in countries like England, Spain, Iceland, Norway, Finland and USA. Always been interested in society issues and used to be active in Amnesty international.

My entire life i have done sports as soccer, material arts, track and field etc. Also taken dans classes for 6 years at the dans and ballet academy.

In my spare time i like to read books, do some yoga, i meditate and i love hang out with close friends and my family. I love to travel, to eat good food, i am an adventurous eater and so i love to try new foods. Also, i love to learn new things!

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    • Entrepreneur
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    • Stockholm university - Bachelor degree of social science major in education