Susi Mai

My parents moved to Cabarete for windsurfing in 1990, where I grew up living the carefree life of a beachgirl. I attended an American bilingual private Elementary- and High-school, and graduated in 2002. At that point, kiteboarding was only a past time for me during the winter of 02./03. After only 8 months of practicing it, to everyone’s surprise, I placed 2nd in my first international PKRA competition. From that point on, things just snowballed and I found support from a kite company to do the whole world tour and placed 5th overall. Another big moment for me was winning my first King of the Air in Maui which was considered one of the most prestigious events in kiteboarding. Before long, I started to gain support from Red Bull and Cabrinha as my main sponsors and decided to put my original plan of going to university on hold and dedicate myself fully to the sport.