Christopher Sutherland

London, United Kingdom.

Christopher Sutherland

London, United Kingdom.

Christopher Sutherland is a commercially orientated photographer who draws inspiration from his upbringing as a child of a South East England Vineyard plantation.

Evidenced by this photographers strong work ethic and deep-rooted passion for food, and liquid dynamics. His photography of recent has evolved to encompass a more product-based spectrum, pulling him into the studio for meticulous control over light, an element for which Christopher has grown a fond love. His love for the natural however has not wavered as he continues to refine the control of natural light.
For him it is believed to be the most important element in the creation of successful imagery; privately or commercially, pointing out however the preparation in styling particularly of food, with extension to props is of the utmost importance. This body of work focuses intensely upon product photography through contemporary aesthetics, engaging with liquids and a fleeting form.

Christopher is very well versed in the application of medium and large format cameras, both analogue and digital on location and in the studio. His particular affection for this superior technology resides in Hasselblad’s H-series, but has complimentary experience with Phase One’s and Cambo’s.

He has recently explored high-speed flash photography using liquid as a meter stick however has taken this a step further, making a personal project the R&D in producing a traditional high speed spark flash unit in the search for ever briefer flash duration on set.

Fuelled by passion and the urge for experimentation this photographer strives to establish a professional career based in London and in this venture has secured freelance employment with Packshot Factory.

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