Suzette Vearnon

Relationship Solutionist With MusicMath Approach in Raleigh, North Carolina

Suzette Vearnon

Relationship Solutionist With MusicMath Approach in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Author. Innovator. Relationship Solutionist. Suzette has changed the way relationships are done with her signature MusicMath™ Approach.

After over 50 years in music, 35 years in math, and later discovering her highest expression as a Relationship Coach and Business Woman, Suzette has stumbled onto something quite revolutionary. The correlation between music, math and relationships.

Kicking off her discovery was "What Is Your Enough Factor?" City-to-City Tour. Its mission to help high performing success-driven, dream-driven, purpose-driven women discover their super power to have great love.

Suzette's story did not have a fairy tale start but definitely had a fairy tale ending. With two failed marriages and a proclivity towards unavailable men, the likelihood that she would have the true love she so deeply desired was miniscule at best. It wasn't until she felt compelled to seek help that she began to connect the dots. True love was not a result of meeting someone else's ideal, it was singing her song and trusting that the right man would hear it. With this, she marched back into the dating world and this time, met the man who is now her dream husband.

A month later, she formed Statistics Be Darned (SBD). These were women, like herself, whom the statistics had not been favorable towards when it came to finding love and getting married. Since its 2015 launch, SBD has spearheaded programs and events geared towards the high performing over 30 woman:

The aforementioned"What Is Your Enough Factor?".

Enough Virtual Workshop helps women to hit the reset button and approach relationships from a healthy place.

You Asked? Good Men Answered! Annual Virtual Summit gathers a diverse group of men (both every day men and relationship experts) to talk candidly about men and relationship issues. It convenes the second we

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