Suzie Graham

Lifetime learner, communicator, strategist, philanthropist.

Driving force: Participating in a world in which social justice and innate respect for all life forms are inherent qualities.

I'm conscious of our potential to serve the creative process and delight in sharing experiences and contributing my resources to an emergent, more balanced world.

I love the way digital communications offers a platform for humanity's dynamic, creative, authentic spirit to shine. And I love how it is supporting us to share our visions, to design and co-create space where all beings are acknowledged as equal, where experiencing good health, being self sufficient and living in harmony with each other and the universe are how we live our lives.

Throughout my own life I've sought for truth and have attempted to follow the eightfold path of yoga. My practices have led me to study the ancient Vedic texts which, in turn, are gradually illuminating the synthesis and balance of all aspects of what it is to be.

This conditioned life is an amazing work in progress ...