suzanne mcaleenan

Purveyor of hand-sewn felt Vaginament® ornaments in Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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I'm on instagram: Felt Melons + SuzyMcA. In April 2018, I'm going on walkabout in Scotland. I'll post lots about it here: SuzyMcA.WHW

I'm on Facebook, if we know each other, by all means say hi :)

I'm the maker behind Vaginament® brand vagina ornaments. They're sewn by hand, one at a time, in our dining room. I think that makes each quite special :) You can see them at my Etsy shop, or at my standalone site, Felt Melons (all family-friendly, promise!). Things have gotten really busy over the past couple of years which has led to trademarking and registering copyrights, it's been exciting! Chances are you've seen my vagina, here's a link to media mentions xo

We live downtown Burlington, Ontario.

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