suzanne stephens mcaleenan

suzanne stephens mcaleenan

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I'm on instagram, and I love it. I'm sort of using instagram as a microblog I guess. One day I'll export them into a book for my girls. instagram/@suzymca

I used to be on facebook quite often but I deleted my old profile after 6 years and started a new one, so there isn't much there, really. If we know each other, by all means.

I make excellent gluten-free vegan cupcakes and donuts and I've already told my 4 + 7 year old girls way too much about Zombies. I think my husband is a little irked by that, so I'm trying to curb the passing down of Zombie Knowledge. He's Scottish by the way, my husband, from a town just north of Edinburgh. That almost seems to define me more than being a mother. It's certainly made me even more feisty and mouthy, I didn't think that would be possible.

Our dog's name is Haggis, he's a Silky Terrier, a bit more rugged and hardy version of a Yorkshire Terrier. Don't call him a Yorkie. He may be wee but he springs those little legs and goes right for the jugular.

Don't ask, because I don't quite know why, but I make vagina ornaments from soft wooly felt

We live downtown Burlington, Ontario.

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