Sven Wollner

Director of Next and Managing Partner in Düsseldorf, Germany

Hi, I am Sven Wollner, born 1971, and currently Managing Partner and Director of Next at the media investment company GroupM in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I am responsible for communication, culture and innovation topics at GroupM and its about 2000 employees in Germany.

My job in one sentence: To ask day by day "What's next?" and hopefully delivering the right answers.

I have a diploma in media science and communication research from the Institut fuer Journalistik und Kommunikationsforschung (IJK) , Hannover/Germany.

Since 2005 I am also a guest lecturer at several universities covering trend research, strategic communication planning and creative brainstorming methods.

At the Hamburg Media School I teach their great MBA students some insights about trend research since 2007. And it still makes fun!

Since many years I support the TEDx activities in Germany, especially in Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich - serving also as Member of the Board since 2015.

I started my career at TrendbueroHamburg, then I joined the strategy agency diffferent in 2000, established the Berlin office in 2001, and worked as a strategic brand consultant for about 40 brands and blue chip companies.

In 2007 I moved to Dusseldorf, and became the first Director of Freshness at MediaCom - supporting the culture of curiosity of this agency with more than 900 employees. I also worked as strategic facilitator for many of the 300 clients and last but not least in my role as head of marketing I was responsible for all communication & branding topics of MediaCom. In 2016 I joined MediaCom's holding company GroupM.

I am a father of two daughters, an amateur guitar player, and a big fan of string theory and Brian Greene’s elegant universe, because before I graduated in media science, I studied physics for two years. But that's another story...

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