Sven Esser

- in München, Deutschland

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Marketer by heart with a passion for #Digital and #CustomerExperience

Grown from early days in digital I have had the chance to collect broad and difference experience through sales, product management... and marketing.

I have had the pleasure to help companies from different industries to grow their business with a focus on digital.

These days the #CustomerCentric approach comes up more and more to build the right #CustomerExperience. The customer doesn't cares about channels... if it's social, search, display... or if it's online or offline. This has a global impact on nearly all departments within a company.

My focus now is to understand the user / customer on a 1:1 base, predict his needs and next steps and deliver the right information (interaction) at the right time and the right place.

....this is a long journey which is not done by anyone in the market by 100%. ...but one thing is clear: Companies who wants to keep in their market must focus on the #CustomerExperience, otherwise competitors will do so and they will fall over.

There must be at least one person internally who drives the overal #CustomerExperience.

Let's start the journey step by step and hands-on buttom-up.


"Sven is a proven leader in digital transformation with the ability to bring customer-centric solution to the table and work through the process from ideation to implementation. He knows how to 'think globally and act locally.'"

Aaron Goldman, CMO Kenshoo


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