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Guide to Obtaining FREE Amazon Gift Card Codes by Searching
This guide will help you easily obtain a minimum of $10 per month in Amazon Gift Card Codes using the website SwagBucks.com

The Guide:

First, Sign Up at SwagBucks.com Here. There is absolutely NO Credit Card or NO Offers required to participate.

Second, Start collecting the digital currency "SwagBucks" to redeem for Amazon Gift Card codes, you need 450sb for a $5 Amazon Gift Card code.
1. Sign into SwagBucks.com after 3am EST (SwagBucks reset time), and search "Amazon". Wait 10 seconds (Use the Recent Search Winners as a clock on the right side). Search "Amazon" again. YOU WON! You will win at minimum 2 times a day in denominations of 5sb to 50sb (mainly 7sb to 11sb)
2. From the SwagBucks.com Home Page, click "Daily Poll" on the left side. Vote on a choice once a day for 1b (365sb a year, 81% of a $5 Amazon Gift Card code) also resets at 3am EST.
3. Visit the website, sc-s.com daily. Sc-s.com is a code site that posts "Swag Codes" that will give you bonus bucks added to your daily total. From the site you can enable text, email, or Twitter notifications.
4. Refer your friends with your referral link. You can earn up the first 1000sb per referral earns.

Bonus Optional 150 Daily SwagBucks:

If you have a job at a computer or are a stay at home person this is perfect for you.

1. From the SwagBucks.com Home Page click "SwagBucks TV" on the left side.

2. You will see a "SwagBucks Meter" at the top right side. This "meter" progresses 10% for every video you watch. Only an estimated 1 minute is required for 10%. Once it reaches 100% you will receive 3sb.

3. You are allowed to do this for a total of 150sb per day.