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SweetPaul Entertainment got it’s name in the strangest way. I had a friend that ran a website called “SweetBob.com” and it was an entertainment based website. I just decided, as a joke, to get SweetPaul.com and for years I struggled with what to do with the domain. I finally decided to create a blog, where I would write about my interests.

About the Author

Paul Martin is the Chief Creative Officer and one of the founding members of ProCPR / ProTrainings. We're also in the UK: ProTrainings.eu. I might not update this blog every day…. and in fact, I don’t. That’s because of a number of reasons. First, I only write about things that I am definitely interested enough and inspired enough to write about. Second, I have a lot of other places that I write. It’s almost ridiculous how many places that you’ll find my writing.