scott wozniak

Writer, Father, and Small Business Owner in Medford, Oregon

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Scott Wozniak is a 40 year old poet, short story writer, chaos enthusiast, and champion monkey wrench thrower.

He is an award winning spoken word artist and creator of, "The Acoustic Tongue Sessions," a performance which weaves together both spoken word poetry and acoustic music. It has been performed at music venues and art galleries from NYC to Chicago. In addition, he has opened for numerous bands nationwide.

His work can be found at Red Fez Magazine, Carcinogenic Poetry, Midnight Lane Boutique, Flash Fiction Magazine, Mad Swirl, The Five-Two, Dead Snakes and Horror, Sleaze, Trash, for starters. You can also find his work printed in the latest anthologies by Lummox Press, and Svensk Apache.

His chapbook "Bumrush The Fantasy," was published by Flying Wrench Press in 2014, and is available for order right here, right now. Just click on "Buy My Book."

His first full length poetry collection, "Crumbling Utopian Pipedream," is set to be released through Moran Press sometime this spring. Keep your eyes peeled... Here's what is already being said of it, "Scott Wozniak's latest poetry collection is not merely a brutal self-redemption. It's a motherfucking bloodbath. I love this book. Not only for its raw and honest message, but also for its brilliant writing technique. It's like Mr. Wozniak soaks his ink and paper with Vaseline. His words run down your very spine smooth as a child's hand. The poem, Happy to be a Feral Creature, sums it all up perfectly. Poetry is about blood. Not brains. I strongly urge you to read this book"Janne KarlssonArtist/micro publisher, Sweden

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    • Blue Collar Work Horse
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    • Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, Understudy at The School of Life